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Monday, 19 November 2012

Watch American TV Shows

Hulu or, from here you can watch all the episodes of American TV shows in HD Quality for free just after some days of the telecast of that episode. But there is a little demerit that this service is only available in United States they are not allowing to watch the episodes to people outside from United States. If outsiders will try to open this website it will give a message that "Sorry, currently our video library can only be watched from within the United States".
Then what to do?
We Indians or any other peoples can't watch?

Not to worry here is a tool for you all called Hot Spot Shield. Download it from the link given below, it is free. 
Now if you have downloaded it then just simply install it to your system as you install other applications. 
It will open automatically after installation and will verify secure connection. 
After a few second the yellow bar will become green and now it is connected. 
Now your IP has changed. Go to to trace your IP. 
Now this is my changed IP, it is saying that my IP is of California but in real I am from India. But the hulu server don't know it so now I can watch the videos.

Now if you are wondering that What is HotSpot Shield?
It is a free VPN service (supported by some basic light ads) that establishes an HTTPS encrypted VPN connection between your computer and their Internet gateway, hence giving you full unrestricted to access to everything on the Internet. 
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