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Monday, 12 November 2012

Freeze Any Facebook Account

We discussed about hacking a facebook profile through friends. If you have read that then you know about the final step. If and only if the victim will log in for atleast 24 hours to his/her facebook account then only the account can be hacked and it is the biggest demerit. Stopping the victim from logging in to his/her account is not an easy. 
So here is the solution for you all. We brought a tool for you to freeze any facebook profile from logging in.
For this you just need the email address of that profile. Download the tool from the link given below.


How to Use This Tool
Once you have downloaded the above given tool, all you need to do is just extract the zip and open the .exe file named facebook freezer. Now in the app you'll find a space to write the target. Type the email of the victim on that space and click on freeze. 

Now its done, the victim will not be able to logg in to his/her facebook account. If the victim will try then he/she will got a message "Please Come Back After 9 Hours and 48 minutes". 

Disclaimer: This tool and information is only for educational purpose. Don't misuse it. Do not use it to harm anyone, if you do that then we are not responsible for it in any case. 
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