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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Send Your Remote Keylogger Using Java

There are a lots of ways through which you can send your Keylogger Server file to your victim. In this post we will learn to send it through Java. Like a normal phishing we will send a link to the victim and when the victim clicks on it the browser will ask him to install or update a Java Plugin and when the victims click on it your Remote Keylogger is installed in victim's system and ready to use. 

Follow these simple steps for this Attack

Step 1: First of all you need to create a Remote Keylogger Server. If you are in trouble for creating the Remote Keylogger then go through the following link and create your Remote Keylogger. 

Step 2: Now, once you've completed creating your Remote Keylogger. You need a webhosting account. There are a lots of website available which will give you webhosting for free you can google it but for this attack I would like to recommend you to use my3gb webhosting. Go to the link and create an account. Now after creating a webhosting account on my3gb or any other service which you liked, open file manager and upload  your Remote Keylogger. 

Step 3: Now you need some other things for this attack. The things you need for this attack are given below, go through the link and download it. 

Step 4: Now once you have downloaded the above given file, extract them to a folder and look for the file named index2.html, right click on the file and open it with notepad or any other text editor. 

Now simply press ctrl + f and search for KEYLOGGER and replace this word with the link of your Remote Keylogger which you have created and uploaded in Step 1 and 2. You can also find for and can replace the link according to your choice, the victim will redirect to this link after being trapped. 

Step 5: Upload all the files to the webhosting which you've downloaded in Step 3

Step 6: The final step just copy the link of the file index.html and send this link to your victim. I recommend you to before sending this URL to your victim shortened it through any URL shortening site. 

Now once you're victim click on the link you have given to him, your victim will see a webpage and the browser will notify him to Install or Update Java plugin.

When your victim will click to update the java plugin your Keylogger will be silently downloaded and installed.

Disclaimer: The information and tool we are providing is only for educational awareness. If you use it in any illegal activity then we are not responsible for it. 
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