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Monday, 12 November 2012

Facebook Hacking Through Friends

If you are trying to hack someone Facebook Account and got sick of keylogger and phishing that are not working well then you should move to some other tricks. 
Here is a different trick for you. It is very tricky but if you can think like a hacker then nothing is impossible. 
Though I don't think that there are any tricks available that will give you the guarantee of 100% success, it is basically impossible. 
Here I will teach you a new trick. I'll teach you to set up a trap for your victim and if everything goes well you'll be able to change the password of your victim's facebook profile.  

This is only for educational purpose. Don't use this to harm anyone or steal any confidential information. If you do that then we are not responsible for it. 

Step 1: Now for this trick you need 3 facebook accounts who must be in the friend list of your victim. If you don't have then just create 3 fake profiles and send the friend requests to your victim. If your victim accepts your requests then the first phase of your mission is completed. 

Step 2: You must know the user id or email of the victim. If you are in his friend list you can easily see that from his/her profile. Now once you got the user name or email of the victim, move to the next step. 

Step 3: Go to facebook, just below the space where you write your password you'll find "forgot your password?" button, click on that.
Step 4: Now what you'll see is the password recovery options for facebook. Write the facebook email of your victim and search your victim's profile. Find your victim's profile and click on This Is My Account.
Step 5: Now you'll see Reset Your Password screen. Facebook will give you the option to recover it with your email or mobile phone but you don't have any business with these. See below you'll find the "No longer have access to these?", click on this button. 

Step 6: Now facebook will ask you that How Can We Reach You?. Simply type a new email address and continue. The email address you entered must be a valid email I advise you to create a temporary email for this. 
Step 7: Now facebook will give you the option Recover Your Account Through Friends, click on continue to proceed to next step. 
Step 8: Now you'll see a new screen saying Select a Friend to Assist You. You'll see this screen 3 times that means you have to select 3 friends. Select those 3 fake profiles which you had created before.
Step 9: Now you have to call your friends to get your security codes according to facebook, But if you reached this phase you know that you don't need to call anyone, you just need to open those fake profiles. Get the codes from the profiles and submit your codes.  
Step 10: Now facebook will say you to Choose a new password. Enter a new password and click on continue.  
Step 11: Now you'll see that facebook is saying to check your email, check the inbox, you'll see a email Final Step To Recover Your Account.  Click on the link given on that email. 

Now the main part that it will take 24 hours to take effect so you need to hope for the best that your victim don't log in to his/her facebook account before this period of time. If the victim did not log in within the next 24 hour it means you succeed.
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