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Friday, 16 November 2012

Steal Data with USB

There are a lots of method of stealing data via internet or through a network connection but suppose if your victim is not having an internet connection. Sounds weird but in this case you have to reach the victim's computer physically and now whats you are thinking is probably right, in this case the victim must be your friend. Now you have to steal data from your friend's system. If you have to do something like this then I have a solution for you.

Have you ever heard about batch processing or batch files? Batch file is the solution.

Now you have to steal data and you don't have any technical knowledge about these all; not to worry at all, you don't require any technical knowledge or master mind for this. Just click on the link given below and download zip file.

Once you've downloaded the zip file named USB_Hack, extract all the files and copy all of them to the USB drive. Remember you have to copy all the files to the root of the USB drive, don't paste them inside any folder. 

Now your USB Drive is ready to use. Insert it to any system after inserting it will run automatically, click on OK and it will start working. 
If the USB Drive doesn't run then just double click your pendrive from the my computer and it will start working silently from background.

Disclaimer: The tool and information we are providing is only for educational purpose, don't user it to harm any one and to steal any confidential information. If you do that, we will not responsible in any case. 
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