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Monday, 5 November 2012

Salman Khan's Case Should be Reopened or Not?

A dissapointing news for all the Salman Khan fans, he is again in trouble for the case hit and run.
YP Singh the former IPS has blamed Mumbai Police for favoring Salman in the case hit and run which is 10 year old case.
YP Singh has demanded a high level enquiry.
Take a recap, Salman's Car Toyota Land Cruiser had rammed into a bakery in Bandra, this incident was happened 10 years before in September 28, 2012.  In this accident one person was killed and four peoples was injured, they were sleeping on the pavement at that time. Because of this accident Salman was booked for culpable homicide and not amounting to murder.
But now after 10 years YP Singh is now became aware and has urged to the police to reopen that case.
The YP Singh's words at a press conference is, "Salman was absent 82 times, when summoned by the court and even the public prosecutor started ignoring the case. The commissioner of police needs to set up a high level inquiry into the matter, to show how simple summons were not being served from time to time for years together and witnesses not produced in court."
Now as we know Salman is a very good person known for his goodness and charity. He is running many orphanage, helps poor peoples and very kind. So what do you all think?
Salman Khan's Case should be reopened or not?
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