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Friday, 9 November 2012

Big B supports Ajay's Son of Sardar

Though Yash Raj Films and Ajay Devgan Films are still at loggerheads, the industry is split today into two camps, with majority supporting Yash Raj. However Ajay still has his loyal friends with him. And we heard prominent among them are Bachchans. The other day Big B called Ajay and told him he would like to watch Son of Sardar. And apparently, Ajay who was busy in a meeting with his distributors and in middle of film promotion decided to cancel all his meetings and organized a special screening for Big B and his family. "Ajay was very surprised to get a call from Amitji and though there were couple of important meetings scheduled including a visit to a media house promote Son of Sardar, he cancelled everything and rushed with the prints of Son of Sardar to a preview theater close to Amitji's house," says his friend.

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