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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Trace any Person on Internet

You can know what is your IP Address, but if you want to know other's IP then? Not to worry more its quite simple. Just open the following link.

Now provide your correct email address and click on Get Link.

After clicking on Get Link you'll be redirected to an other page saying Congratulations and you'll get some link. Just send that link to your friends and when they will click on the link their IP address will be mailed you to your email. 

Aamir Khan will direct again

Taare Zameen Par', Aamir Khan has received huge applause excited to direct a film again.
2007 release 'Taare Zameen Par' was well received by the audience and Smikshkane. The 47-year-old actor in his uncle Nasir Hussain's film 'with floor floor "(1984) and' Rock '(1985) worked as an assistant director.
Aamir said,'' I have chosen a story and hopefully I'll direct it.But now I am an actor and a TV show with 'Satyameva Jayate Season 2' am.
He said,'' a story no one will write the script. I have told to the author's direction the film will take some time yet. Muङo not know when it will be directed. Sym in my hands' PK ',' Dhoom '-3' and 'Satyameva Jayate 2' will work. Although I am willing to be the creator of it.'' Aamir said that he is impressed with the Mahabharata and the big screen in a Hisse fixated.
He said,'' It's a wish. This major project is like a dream for me. Suppose that today, so I decided to make it Muङo take 20 years to complete. I am so afraid of it. If I said that I decided to make it, so it will take five years to the research. Then you will be able to work ... The subject matter is very important to me. Aamir'' his upcoming film 'Wanted' rumors of differences with director Reema Kgti talked about openly.
He said,'' As far as is concerned, already the rumors are not true. Such reports are often wrong, such as 'Lagaan' was about.
Often when the release kicks are reports of this type that I am not happy with the film. If I have to explain all sorts of rumors Muङo approaching, which will have to stop working. So I decided that the film will tell about myself.''

Who is Nirmal Baba

Medininagar Kankari located in the brick kiln began Chainpur. Run the business 
- the business of textile in Garhwa. It also failed on
- contract mining area has Bhragodha
Ranchi: Baba Ji, please give me a car .. Baba Ji Wish I sought, please also complete .. Baba Ji to bless my work meeting targets .. Baba Ji my test is running, to get good marks .. Please give me a good home .. To get a good job .. Ritu to marry me off .. 36 channels of the country a person is being asked to fulfill this wish. And all this is being said by the person, he is serene sage.
Nirmal Singh alias Baba Nirmaljit Narula links on the internet more than three million, but he is no description available. Good news about the information achieved Nirmal Baba, how Baba became clear from the Nirmaljit, it is a mystery.
Learn Baba
Nirmal Baba two brothers. Big brother Manjit Singh still live in Ludhiana. Nirmal Baba are small. The inhabitants of the village of Patiala face. Partition in 1947, the family returned to India when Baba was serene. Baba wedded to. They have a son and a daughter.
Medininagar (Jharkhand), the third daughter married to Dilip Singh Bagga. Chatra MP and former Jharkhand Assembly Speaker Inder Singh Namdhari these younger brother. Says Mr. namesake in 1964, when she was married, so serene 13-14 years.
In 1970-71 he Medininagar (DaltonGanj then) came and stayed with it until 81-82. Had his house in Ranchi. After the assassination of Indira Gandhi in 1984 anti-Sikh riots erupted after he sold the house and moved to Ranchi. Piska turning his house in Ranchi was the petrol pump.
Jharkhand relationship
Nirmal Baba's longstanding relationship with the state. Especially from Palamau division. In 1981-82 he Medininagar (then DaltonGanj) were able to stay in business. Chainpur police station area Kankari their brick - kiln also be used, which is reflected in the name of pure brick.
Knowing he says: Nirmal show business was not good. Then he lived in Medininagar laws. However, no member of his in-laws lived in Medininagar. His (Nirmal Baba's) brother Gurmeet Singh Arora alias Babloo was the Lime Stone and transport business.
Babloo and G Suman says: Since Babloo friendship, so serene-law had the chance to learn. They were doing business. Business for a few days, he was living in Garhwa. The fabric of the business.But it also failed. Bhragodha contract mining in the area, took a few days. Baba says .. in Bhragodha found enlightenment.
Since then she turned to spirituality. Well after going Medininagar few people have already met.When people go about them, then it is being discussed. They say that knowing how this miracle happened, they do not know anything.
- Yes, my brother Nirmal Baba: The titular
* Nirmal Baba Are you a relative?
That's right, a lot of people ask about it. I should clarify that he is my brother.
Tell us something about them.
In 1964 when I got married, 13-14 years old at the time were clear. Father had already been murdered. So his mother (my mother) said that it was brought there to try to provide some business.In 1970-71 he Medininagar (DaltonGanj then) came. Until 1981-82, then until 1984 in Ranchi. Delhi to Ranchi returned the same year to sell a house.
The contractor had Bhragodha Mines in 1998-99. Happened to them in order to achieve enlightenment. He then turned towards spirituality. That's all I know about them. What is Idea, Nirmal Baba about
Look to his millions of devotees. People have faith in them. Well my conflict with them on many issues.



I won’t be asking for anything more father ,as much I’m in this lonely world. His thoughts have taken a special place in my heart  now.
I have given my heart away to him . Oh!  father, Let not the distance separate us. I beg you for him….. I pled you for him….Hear my pray oh holy father … When you say ask & you”ll get.
Then make me a promise to bring us together  again and reunite us…. Nothing more I ask of u O lord.. Its just him I ask you for…
He is my new wish , my new dream , he is like my new shinning star,
He is appe of my eye…
Like a new moon he encountered  but why in a twilight we got lost…
I don’t want agai to get lost in some mist….. I swear he will be the only person I will love… The eagerness to see him is growing but nearly inside one…
It’s difficult to handle now father make it sooner,Im loosing the self control… He is waiting for me.
Don’t want to keep him await for much longer .. I know its keep him await for much longer …
I know its getting uneasy for him to survive without me…
I know you can see him struggling because without me he is like an broken Angel.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Message Virus

We created shut down virus. Have you ever faced a virus which always gives you a message and when you click on OK then the message reappears. If you have faced then you know how typical is this for an person who don't have any knowledge about this. Now if you don't know then it will be quite shocking for you that it is only one line MS Dos command. Lets see how can we create this type of Virus.

Step 1: You have to create a bat file of this command so we need to do as always. Open notepad type the following command and save that file with any name and bat extension.

msg * You are stupid!!
goto start

Now you can change the line You are stupid!! with any message according to you.

Step 2: Now you need to convert this bat file to exe. For this you can download the bat to exe converter from the link given below.

Step 3: Now if you have converted the file you have to repeat the same process which I posted in the previous article SHUTDOWN VIRUS. Go through this link and do as given from Step 2. 

If you did everything then you have your Virus. Send this virus to your victim and when the victim will run that file nothing will happen the virus will take effect from the next start of the system. Your victim will get this message: 
When your victim will click on OK. The message will reappear and continuously reappear. 

Shutdown Virus

We created the Shutdown prank. There was nothing just a simple MS Dos command. Now if you think for a while then we can modify that prank and can make an effective Computer Virus who will repeatedly shutdown the computer.

The thing you need for this is WinRar. The simplest and easily available thing. If you don't have Win Rar in your system then download it from the link given below and install it on your system.

Now you need to follow these simple steps
Step 1: Open notepad and type this simple command
shutdown -r -t 2
Save the file in your desktop with .bat extension. I am saving it here with the name shut.bat. 

Step 2: Now right click on your desktop and from new select WinRAR Archive and create an archive with any name. Here I am giving the name Virus1.  
Now you have your RAR archive on your desktop just drag the bat file to the archive, now your bat file is in the archive Virus1. We need to make it an executable file which will execute silently in background. It can be easily done with WinRAR. 

Step 3: Open the archive Virus1 and click on the last option from the top menu which is SFX. SFX stands for Self Extracting Archive. 

Step 4: Now a dialogue box will open you don't need to change anything just click on Advance SFX option. 

Step 7: Now you are in Advance SFX options click on the General tab and at the path copy paste the following. 
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup
This is the location of startup folder. 

Step 6:  Click on the modes tab and then from silent mode select hide all. You can match the options from the picture given below. 
Step 6: This is the final step click on OK and create your SFX. You'll find your SFX at the same location where you created your archive. 

Now send this to your victim or friend and because this is just a simple one line DOS command it is not detectable by any antivirus and it is also not harmful for system but it is very effective. 

When your friend will execute this file nothing will happen but when the next time he/she will restart his computer then after startup computer will restart again and again.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Shutdown Prank

A funny prank you can do with your friends. We can call it a virus but it will not harm your friend's system it will just shutdown his system. Now Lets see how can we do this prank.

You just need to follow these simple steps: 
Step 1: Right click on desktop and from new click on shortcut. It will give you the option to create a shortcut and a new window for configuring shortcut will open.

Step 2: Now this is the main part, on the Create Shortcut window type the following or you can also copy and then paste.  
Now this is the actual command because of what system will shut down. Now you in the above command the 60 is the seconds after which the system will shut down you can change it with any value. And under the double quotes is the message which the user will get when system will shut down, you can either change the message also.
Now click on next. 

Step 3: Now it will ask you for the name of your shortcut, give a name on which people will click, I am writing Internet Explorer, very frequently used thing. 
Click on finish and you are done. 

When people will open that Internet Explorer the system will shut down automatically after the time which we  set before.

Now the things you should remember:
Change the icon of the shortcut so the user will not doubt. 
And if you are testing it in your own system then you should know how to abort this process for aborting this shutdown: 
go to run and type shutdown -a
The process will aborted. 

Monday, 19 November 2012


Ultrasurf is an anti-cersorship and anti-blocking proxy software on the Internet. It is free, fast and really effective. Ultrasurf was originally created by the Ultrareach Internet Corporation to help Internet users in China to bypass filtering and censorship by the government. However, now Ultrasurf is amongst the most popular unblocking tools available on the Internet.

Ultrasurf Proxy Server Software which can provide you:
  • Privacy
  • Protect Internet privacy with anonymous surfing and browsing -- hide IP addresses and locations, clean browsing history, cookies & more ...
  • Security
  • Completely transparent data transfer and high level encryption of the content allow you to surf the web with high security.
  • Freedom
  • UltraSurf allows you to overcome the censorship and blockage on the Internet. You can browse any website freely, so as to obtain true information from the free world.

Watch American TV Shows

Hulu or, from here you can watch all the episodes of American TV shows in HD Quality for free just after some days of the telecast of that episode. But there is a little demerit that this service is only available in United States they are not allowing to watch the episodes to people outside from United States. If outsiders will try to open this website it will give a message that "Sorry, currently our video library can only be watched from within the United States".
Then what to do?
We Indians or any other peoples can't watch?

Not to worry here is a tool for you all called Hot Spot Shield. Download it from the link given below, it is free. 
Now if you have downloaded it then just simply install it to your system as you install other applications. 
It will open automatically after installation and will verify secure connection. 
After a few second the yellow bar will become green and now it is connected. 
Now your IP has changed. Go to to trace your IP. 
Now this is my changed IP, it is saying that my IP is of California but in real I am from India. But the hulu server don't know it so now I can watch the videos.

Now if you are wondering that What is HotSpot Shield?
It is a free VPN service (supported by some basic light ads) that establishes an HTTPS encrypted VPN connection between your computer and their Internet gateway, hence giving you full unrestricted to access to everything on the Internet. 

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Send Your Remote Keylogger Using Java

There are a lots of ways through which you can send your Keylogger Server file to your victim. In this post we will learn to send it through Java. Like a normal phishing we will send a link to the victim and when the victim clicks on it the browser will ask him to install or update a Java Plugin and when the victims click on it your Remote Keylogger is installed in victim's system and ready to use. 

Follow these simple steps for this Attack

Step 1: First of all you need to create a Remote Keylogger Server. If you are in trouble for creating the Remote Keylogger then go through the following link and create your Remote Keylogger. 

Step 2: Now, once you've completed creating your Remote Keylogger. You need a webhosting account. There are a lots of website available which will give you webhosting for free you can google it but for this attack I would like to recommend you to use my3gb webhosting. Go to the link and create an account. Now after creating a webhosting account on my3gb or any other service which you liked, open file manager and upload  your Remote Keylogger. 

Step 3: Now you need some other things for this attack. The things you need for this attack are given below, go through the link and download it. 

Step 4: Now once you have downloaded the above given file, extract them to a folder and look for the file named index2.html, right click on the file and open it with notepad or any other text editor. 

Now simply press ctrl + f and search for KEYLOGGER and replace this word with the link of your Remote Keylogger which you have created and uploaded in Step 1 and 2. You can also find for and can replace the link according to your choice, the victim will redirect to this link after being trapped. 

Step 5: Upload all the files to the webhosting which you've downloaded in Step 3

Step 6: The final step just copy the link of the file index.html and send this link to your victim. I recommend you to before sending this URL to your victim shortened it through any URL shortening site. 

Now once you're victim click on the link you have given to him, your victim will see a webpage and the browser will notify him to Install or Update Java plugin.

When your victim will click to update the java plugin your Keylogger will be silently downloaded and installed.

Disclaimer: The information and tool we are providing is only for educational awareness. If you use it in any illegal activity then we are not responsible for it. 

Saturday, 17 November 2012

SQL Injection Attack

The most common technique used to attack a website. It is a code injection technique which exploits security  vulnerability in a website's software.

Now lets begin with the login process
Let's say that you are sitting at your computer, surfing the Web, and you open a Website to Login to your account.
  1. You type in the Login Username and Password and clicks on Sign in and you get in to your account.
  2. Web Server receives the Username and Password and forwards it to the Database server.
  3. Database server receives the Username and Password from the Web Server and checks its tables for that Username and Password and sends the result of the authentication to the Web Server.
  4. Web Server receives the Authentication result from the Database Server and on the basis of the result, redirects the User to the proper Webpage.
  5. If the Authentication is True, User gets signed in to the Account, and if it fails User is asked to Sign In again.

A SQL injection attack exploits vulnerabilities in a web server database that allow the attacker to gain access to the database and read, modify, or delete information.  
An example of a SQL injection attack is making the condition true by giving the identical value to a web page.

These values can be inserted into a login as follows:
Login: 1' or '1'='1 and Password= 1' or '1'='1
Login: 1' or '1'='1';--

When the Username argument is evaluated, ‘1’=’1’ will assess to TRUE, and an authentic username will be returned.

Now you need to search for a website which is SQL Vulnerable 
Got to google and search 

For example I have a website for you 

You can find out more websites and to test that website is vulnerable or not just put a quote (') at the end of the URL and press enter and if you get the page as shown in image then the website is vulnerable and can be hacked with SQL Injection. 
Now you have a website, then try to attack it with SQL Injection by simply typing the following user name and password and hit enter. 
username: a'or'a'='a
password: a'or'a'='a
and you are logged in. 

Input Validation in SQL Injection
There are measures that can be applied to mitigate SQL injection attacks.
  • Web developer can check whether some suspicious characters are sent from the Login Page like ‘, “, ;, -- , etc
  • Always store the Passwords in the Database server in the Encrypted Form.
  • Use of these practices does not guarantee that SQL injection can be completely eliminated, but they will make it more difficult for Hackers to conduct these attacks.

Aamir's Candle Light Dinner with Wife

Yesterday night we were surprised to spot Aamir Khan in a suburban 5 star hotel close to his house sitting by the pool side. Giving him company was a pretty lady. On closer look, the lady turned out to be his wife Kiran Rao. "Aamir came earlier for a business meeting and he liked the ambience so much that he immediately asked for a candle light dinner to be organized and decided to surprise his wife Kiran who came later and was pleasantly surprised by the gesture of her hubby," says a senior hotel executive. We over heard Aamir telling the hotel guys, "I don't believe in having candle light dinners on anniversaries or birthdays, it can be any day and I want to surprise Kiran tonight and make sure everything is proper." Chhoo Chhweet...

Friday, 16 November 2012

Software Cracking Tools

Download combo of 3 Software Cracking tools

Code Fusion

It’s a utility which can help us in Creating Patch pf any sodtware.

Olly Debugger

OllyDbg is a 32-bit assembler level analysing debugger for Microsoft® Windows®. Emphasis on binary code analysis makes it particularly useful in cases where source is unavailable. OllyDbg is a shareware, but you can download and use it for free. It can help you in checking Assembly code of any software also you can make changes in that software.

Windows Disassembler (WinDASM)

It’s a Windows hosted multi-processor disassembler that offers so many features it is hard to describe them all. It can help you in checking Assembly code of any software.
All from a single link given below

Net Cut

NetCut is a solution that is helping you to admin your network based only on ARP protocol . It
can execute several tasks as list IP-MAC table in seconds, turn off & on network on any
computer on your LAN including any device like router or switcher. Also, NetCut can protected
users from ARP SPOOF attacks.

Convert your Batch Coding to Hidden exe

You've coded a batch file. Want your file to silently run in background, searching tools for this purpose. Actually you don't require anything additionally, windows has an inbuilt program called Iexpress, you need only this. Lets learn how can we do this. 

Step 1: Go to start and then run write iexpress and hit enter.

Step 2: Iexpress window will open, don't change the option just simply click on next two times, after two nexts you'll see a title screen enter any title according to you and then click on next.

Step 3:  Now you're in configuration prompt, don't change any option click on next (the option should be no prompt). Then it will ask for licence agreement, select no licence agreement and click on next.

Step 4: Now you'll see package files window, click on Add and add your batch file which you want to make executable.

Step 5: Now you'll see Install Program to Launch. Take the help from the image given below and click on next.

Step 6: Now here is the Show Window, want to make your file hidden means you want to run your file silently in background then click on hidden and click next.

Step 7: Now configure the restart you can choose anything according to your wish and click on next. Now you'll see the Package Name and Options window, put an address in the space where you want to save your executable file, and click on next, next, next and then finish. You'll get your exe file in the destination you have given.

Batch to EXE Converter

Bat To Exe-Converter converts batch-script files to EXE files. Some features and differences to
usual batch files: ghost applications; additional binaries, icons, version information; hidden
If you created a batch virus on batch coding which you want to send you're victim, first you need to convert that batch into exe through this tool you can make that exe invisible as well.

Steal Data with USB

There are a lots of method of stealing data via internet or through a network connection but suppose if your victim is not having an internet connection. Sounds weird but in this case you have to reach the victim's computer physically and now whats you are thinking is probably right, in this case the victim must be your friend. Now you have to steal data from your friend's system. If you have to do something like this then I have a solution for you.

Have you ever heard about batch processing or batch files? Batch file is the solution.

Now you have to steal data and you don't have any technical knowledge about these all; not to worry at all, you don't require any technical knowledge or master mind for this. Just click on the link given below and download zip file.

Once you've downloaded the zip file named USB_Hack, extract all the files and copy all of them to the USB drive. Remember you have to copy all the files to the root of the USB drive, don't paste them inside any folder. 

Now your USB Drive is ready to use. Insert it to any system after inserting it will run automatically, click on OK and it will start working. 
If the USB Drive doesn't run then just double click your pendrive from the my computer and it will start working silently from background.

Disclaimer: The tool and information we are providing is only for educational purpose, don't user it to harm any one and to steal any confidential information. If you do that, we will not responsible in any case. 

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Hack using Remote Keylogger

In the previous posts we learnt about some attacks through which we can try to fool the victim so that he/she can log in to our fake page and be trapped and the other technique was a bit more easier but on that we can't able to retrieve the password we can only change that.

2. Facebook Hacking Through friends

Those tricks were good but using a remote keylogger is more easy.

How to Hack with a Remote Keylogger?
In this post we will discuss about the Ardamax Keylogger. 
First of all the tools we required:
  1. Ardamax Keylogger
  2. Crypter
We need the above given tools. If you don't have then don't worry just download the files from the link given below

Now once you've downloaded the above given file, extract them to a particular folder. If you have an anti virus software on your system then disable your anti virus for a while or if you think that doing this is a bit risky for you then I recommend you to use a virtual machine.

Now on the folder you will find a setup file named Ardamax Keylogger, simply install that to the system as you install other applications. 

Now follow the following steps to create your Remote Keylogger

Step 1: On the taskbar you'll see the icon of Ardamax keylogger, point on that and right click and then click on Enter Registration Key

Enter the Registration name and Registration Key which you can find on the folder you downloaded before and click on ok. 

Step 2: Go to the taskbar again and right click on the Ardamax keylogger icon and then click on the second option Remote install

Now you'll see the welcome screen, simply click next now in the next window don't change anything the configuration should be same as the image given below. 

Go Ahead, click on next now you'll see the email configuration window. 
Dont' use hotmail account because hotmail does not allow keystroke logs to be mailed, I recommend you to use gmail. On the username type your gmail address and in password type your gmail password and leave the other things same as before don't change anything. Now click on next and go ahead. 

You'll see the control window as shown below
Select the things you want to receive by this remote keylogger from your victim. Here I'm selecting only Keystrokes you can select all according to your wish. Again click on next and go ahead. 

Now you'll see the Destination option Give an address to save your remote keylogger and click on Next. You can change the icon as well but that is not mandatory. 
Now you're remote keylogger is created. After clicking next you'll see the Finish window with a dialogue box saying "Deployment package created successfully". 
Now your remote keylogger is ready to use. Now you have to transfer this executable file to your victim's system and when your victim executes it he/she is now trapped. 

Now the difficulties are:
1. You can not email an executable file.
2. Even if you somehow transferred or emailed this file to victim's system your victim will probably never execute a suspicious executable file. 
3. Your remote keylogger can be easily detected by any Anti Virus application 

So, first off all you need to crypt this executable file for avoiding anti virus detection. For cryption go to the folder which you have downloaded before. You'll see a folder named Crypter, open it and from that open the application named Simple Crypter-fud, you'll see a new window of the crypter. 
Browse your remote keylogger and then click on Crypt. Your file is now crypted and will not be detected with an Anti Virus.
Your remote keylogger is still an executable file and your victim will not gonna execute it on his/her system and you can't send an executable file with email. 

So bind this .exe file with an .jpg image, when the victim will receive the email he/she will think that this is a simple jpg image, he will execute the jpg image and your remote keylogger will run silently in background and start doing his work. 

You can bind it with a simple dos command. Just go to run, type cmd and hit enter. Command prompt will open. The syntax for binding file is 

copy /b "filename.jpg" + "filename.exe" "outputname.jpg"

You need to type the file name with the complete address. I have kept both the files in my Local Disk (D:) so in my case the process will be
1. Open cmd
2. Change the directory to D: by typing D: and pressing enter
3. copy /b D:\ crypt.exe + belal.jpg atif.jpg

After this you will got the jpg file and your remote keylogger is hidden behind that jpg. When your victim will open the jpg image your remote keylogger will executes in background silently and start working. You'll get all the data of the keystrokes in your gmail account. 

Disclaimer: The above provided tool is only for educational purpose. Don't use it to harm anyone or steal any confidential information. If you do that we will not responsible in any case.