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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Shutdown Prank

A funny prank you can do with your friends. We can call it a virus but it will not harm your friend's system it will just shutdown his system. Now Lets see how can we do this prank.

You just need to follow these simple steps: 
Step 1: Right click on desktop and from new click on shortcut. It will give you the option to create a shortcut and a new window for configuring shortcut will open.

Step 2: Now this is the main part, on the Create Shortcut window type the following or you can also copy and then paste.  
Now this is the actual command because of what system will shut down. Now you in the above command the 60 is the seconds after which the system will shut down you can change it with any value. And under the double quotes is the message which the user will get when system will shut down, you can either change the message also.
Now click on next. 

Step 3: Now it will ask you for the name of your shortcut, give a name on which people will click, I am writing Internet Explorer, very frequently used thing. 
Click on finish and you are done. 

When people will open that Internet Explorer the system will shut down automatically after the time which we  set before.

Now the things you should remember:
Change the icon of the shortcut so the user will not doubt. 
And if you are testing it in your own system then you should know how to abort this process for aborting this shutdown: 
go to run and type shutdown -a
The process will aborted. 
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