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Friday, 5 April 2013

Install Windows XP in 15 minutes

The most famous operating system. It is still hanging as a dominant windows. It is the second most popular version of windows. Windows 8 has released but still many of the users recommend windows xp and perhaps you are also from one of them who always recommends windows xp.
Now as you know when we install windows xp it takes a lot of time about 40 minutes. 
Now here is a trick for you to install it in less than 15 minutes. We can change the priority of the windows setup and then it will install more quickly.
What is Process Priority?
There is an option to set priority for the processes of applications running on windows. Open task manager and right click on any running application and click on go to process. 
Now you will see the list of all the processes running currently on the system. Right click on the process and then set priority and then you will see the option high. 

If you set the process priority as then that process will use more memory and will run fast. Now the same thing we need to apply on the windows xp setup. But the question is how can we do while booting windows xp? So here is the trick. 
Applying in Windows Setup
  • Boot your windows, format the drive, let the all files copied and wait for the system restart.
  • After initial setup when your system restarts you see a blue window as shown in the image. 
  • Now you will see 39 minutes remaining, don't bother about that. 
  • Press Shift + f10, command prompt will open. 
  • Now type the command taskmgr
  • Task Manager will open and you will see the windows setup on the applications list. 
  • Right click on setup and set the setup priority as high. 
  • Now just see that how fast your windows will install.
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