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Friday, 11 January 2013

Samsung Bringing Up Bendable Phone Screen

Samsung showing off a phone with bendable and flexible screen, by this Samsung bringing up a day  when we might fold up our large phone and tablets like a map. 
In the International CES Gadget Show, Las Vegas the Korean electronics company provided a look of such device wednesday at keynote speech. It's an annual showcase of the latest TVs, computers and other consumer-electronic devices.

The head of Samsung Electronics Co's display lab in San Jose, Calif, demonstrated a phone that consist of a matchbox-sized hard enclosure, with a paper-thin, flexible color screen attached to one end. The screen doesn't appear flexible enough to fold in half like a piece of paper, but it could bend into a tube.

Company also revealed a video of future concepts with a phone sized device that will open up like a book. 

Working: The screen uses organic light-emitting diodes, or OLEDs. Only a thin layer of these chemicals is needed to produce a bright, colorful screen. They're used in many Samsung phones already, though with glass screens. For the bendable phone, Samsung laid the chemicals over thin plastic instead of glass. That's a trick you can't pull off with liquid crystals in standard displays.

Advantages: We will able to pack a bigger screen in our pocket. 

Troubles: It is very tough to use touch screen if it bends away from your finger. These OLED screens have been demonstrated for years but these chemical are very highly sensitive with oxygen so they need to be sealed completely from air. Samsung screens aren't yet flexible enough to fold they can just bend. 

Apart from these Samsung didn't say anything about the commercialization of these screens. 

"The concept of the flexible screen has been around for some time, but it finally looks as if Samsung is really going to deliver on that technology," said Steve Bell, a technology consultant and president of KeySo Global.
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