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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Website Aliases

Normally we type the domain name of a website. After that the browser send that domain name to the local DNS (Domain Name Server) to convert it into its respective IP address. This process is called DNS lookup. After that the browser knows the IP adress of the domain name that you typed. The browser sends an HTTP request to that IP asking for the webpage that we wish to view. That is how it works. 

Now come to the point. 

If we have in a situation where the websites are blocked by DNS lookup queries. 
Then it is quite easy to access the blocked website. 
All we need to do is just simply type the IP address of the website in place of domain name. 
With this trick we can skip the DNS lookup. The website directly sends the http request to the website which we want to access. 

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Assume that is blocked by our network administrator. In this case try typing the IP address of 

Step 2: Start MSDOS (click on run and type cmd and press enter). After opening command prompt type the following command. 

ping <domain name of website> 

Step 3: Open browser and type the IP address instead of typing the domain name ( If everything goes well we will be able to bypass the filtering mechanism of our network and can access the website. 

now here we need to think a bit. If our network administrator has blocked ping command. Now what to do??
We dont need to worry a lot. 
open this website

And here is an another fact. 
When we used the website for pinging the domain name it shown a different IP address ( 
This is because Google has servers in different parts of the world and depending upon our location we are taken to different servers. 
The best part of this is if the respective IP is also blocked by the network administrator. We can still access the website by typing some other server's IP. 

Now we need to worry a little more. 

A smart system administrator willnot only block the domain name. He will also block the respective IP address at the firewall leve, hence, making it a lot tougher for a user to unblock. 

An IP address is 32-bit number that is written in the dotted-decimal notation. 

We can try accesing the website by converting the dotted decimal number to its octal or any other format and can bypass the local blocks and firewalls. 
you can use the windows calculator or any other application to convert it. 

octal: http://0112.0175.0354.0120
hexadecimal: http://0x4A.0x7D.0xEC.0x50

sometimes it is also agood idea if we try the another versions of the domain names to unblock the access.
try these alternatives;;
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