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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Black Diamond: COAL

According to an estimate worldwide there are 860arab tones coalmines are available. It means that we can fulfill our electricity needs by coal till the next 118years. Experts believes that by using techniques like underground gasification we can save coal and use it for many more years. The coal mines are available in almost every country in the world. 70 countries in the world has the recoverable reserve of coal. America, China, Roos and India has the most coal mines.

Why it is essential?
1. The most electricity produced from coal. More than 40 percent needs of electricity is fulfilled from coal. Worldwide there are 1.3 billion people could not yet have electricity and 2.7 billion peoples don't have the facility of cooking gas so the importance of coal increases.

2. According to International Energy Agency in future coal will produce more than 50 percent On Grid electricity. Techniques like Coal Fired Power Generation and Carbon Capture and Storage can be improved according to nature and climate.

3. Coal mining provided Jobs to more than 7 million people worldwide.

The Fire of Coal has also on
Steel  Production
In 2010 worldwide 141.35 billion tones steel had produced. And in that 70 percent of steel produced with Steel Blast Furnace technique. This technique requires coal. In 2010 total 1.4 billion tones steel has produced and in it 71 million tones coal was used.

Cement Production
Coal plays an important role in cement production. Cement Production needs energy. Usually while producing cement coal powder is burned in furnace. According to an estimate in production of 900 gram of cement, 450 gram coal is used.

Coal Mining
There are two ways of coal mining Surface and Underground mining. When coal is less than 125feet below earth then the surface mining technique is used and if coal is more than 125 feet below then we use underground mining.

Step 1:
In surface mining initially we clear all the trees, plants and topsoil. Topsoil is kept and carefully stored. After mining, mine is leveled with topsoil.

Step 2: 
After this explosion is done on rocks with explosives and after that soil and rocks are removed. These trash are known as overburden. After this coal is tranfered to stores.

Step 3:
After removing overburden coal is loaded in huge trucks with the help of Bulldozer and transferred to plants.

Step 4: 
If we are using underground mining then instead of taking whole coal, some part is left so that roof of the mine does not fall. This type of mining is done by making a chamber in the tunnel.

Making of Electricity
Step 1:
After coal mining the coal is brought to power plant and the powder is made of coal in power plant.

Step 2: 
In a big boiler the coal is burned so that water kept in boiler's pipe becomes vapor.

Step 3:
Vapor reaches turbine and the blades of turbine spines with the help of vapor.

Step 4:
Turbine is connected with generator and when the coil of generator spines  in magnetic area electricity produced.

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