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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Israel and Iran: Tensed Relations

There was a time when Israel and Iran were friend but today they have extremely much animosity. The animosity has increased so much that now they want to destroy the existence of each other.
"Israel doesn't has any existence in middle east and will soon be erased", President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad continuously saying this. Apart from this Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu has said that his country will attack Iran when it become essential. These are the signs that everything is not going well in middle east. Even specialists are not refusing the possibilities of war between these countries. Indeed the existence of both the contries is very mysterious like their relationship.  Iran is the only country  having the dominance of Siya Muslims in middle east and Israel is the only country in the world where the Jews has their influence. Being cut off from regional and international diplomacy if both the nations want they could be natural allies. It was when in 1948 Israel came to existence. Till the end of 1970 decade's both the countries were very close to each other in case of politics, economy and security. Israel looks at Iran as his natural allies and Israel were the good buyer of the oil resources of Iran. Both the countries were keen to make good relations with western countries. But today both want to destroy each other. 

America wants to make atmosphere like Iraq in Iran. His vision is set on the Oil Resources of Iran and he want a government who will care his well. 

India wants good relations with both America and Iran. If war would happen India wants to avoid that situation of choosing any one. 

Before 1979
At that time Iran was ruled by Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and Iran had good relations with Israel. After Shah Khomeini declared Israel as enemy of Islam. After 1979 revolution Iran became Islamic republic and new government finished all the relations and connections. 

Decade of 1980 
Despite of Khomeini's provocative deposition the relations between both the contries were not too bad. The biggest reason for this was Iraq who was the biggest enemy for both the contries. During 1980 to 1988 when the Iran Iraq war was going on, Israel was fulfilling weapon need of Iran. In 1983 Israel also bombered on a nuclear reactor of Iraq. 

Decade of 1990
This decade started with terrorist organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah. Iran supported these organizations and Israel behavior was changed. Specialists says that Iran was trying to free philistines and Jerusalem silently and atmosphere became more tensed. 

In 1967 after Six Day war Iran were fulfilling the Oil need of Israel. In Europian contries Iran supplies his oil through eilat ashkelon pipeline which was the united ventures of them. 

Between 1977 to 1979, to develop new missiles Iran and Israel started a military project Project Flower. 

In August 2012 the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei declared Israel as a cancer for Islam. He said israel is like a cancer so it need to be cut. America said that Iran is the biggest support of terrorism in world and Iran's Nuclear program is very dangerous for the middle east. Israel was formed in 1948. In year 1950 Iran gave formal recognition to Israel but today Iran is refusing even to the existence of Israel. 

Existing Condition of Iran 
Today Iran economical condition is very bad. Public is very upset from Costliness and  Unemployment. Israel considers it as an opportunity. Israel want United Nation to act agains Iran in the name of Nuclear Program so that Israel can attack Iran with the help of america. 

Syria's Crisis
In Syria, President Bashar al-Assad's government is facing the situation like homewar. Opposition group got the support of America, Israel and Arab whereas Iran is in the support of Bashar al-Assad. Here also Iran is alone because the majority of countries supporting America. 

Israel's Fear
Israel thinks that after Saddam Hussain he is the only enemy of Iran. He also fear from the nuclear weapons of Iran he thinks that Iran developed this weapon for only Israel. Israel also has the nuclear power and always threat for Third World War. 
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