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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Knowing The Trojans

Have you watched the movie Troy? The movie is about Trojan War, in that movie the Greeks constructed a Huge Wooden horse and pretended to sail away. The Trojans pulled the horse to their city as a trophy of victory. In that horse the Greek Army was hidden and at night the army opened the gates for the rest Greek Army and they destroyed the city of Troy and finished the war.

The same concept is applied in computer science
A Trojan is a malicious program  misguided as some very important  application. Trojans comes on the
backs of other programs and are installed on a system without the User’s knowledge. Trojans are 
malicious pieces of code used to install hacking software on a target system and aid the Hacker in gaining and retaining access to that system. Trojans and their counterparts are important pieces of the Hacker’s toolkit.

Trojans is a program that appears to perform a desirable and necessary function but that, because of hidden
and unauthorized code, performs functions unknown and unwanted by the user. These downloads are fake
programs which seems to be a legitimate application, it may be a software like monitoring program, system virus scanners, registry cleaners, computer system optimizers, or they may be applications like songs, pictures, screen savers, videos, etc.

You just need to execute that software or application, you will find the application running or you might
get an error, but once executed the Trojan will install itself in the system automatically. 

Once installed on a system, the program then has system-level access on the target system, where it can be
destructive and insidious. They can cause data theft and loss, and system crashes or slowdowns; they can also be used as launching points for other attacks

Many Trojans are used to manipulate files on the victim computer, manage processes, remotely run commands, intercept keystrokes, watch screen images, and restart or shut down infected hosts.

Different Types of Trojans

1. Remote Administration Trojans: There are Remote Access Trojans which are used to control the Victim’s computer remotely.

2. Data Stealing Trojans: Then there are Data Sending Trojans which compromised the data in the Victim’s computer, then find the data on the computer and send it to the attacker automatically.

3. Security Disabler Trojan: There are Security software disablers Trojans which are used to stop antivirus software running in the Victim’s computer.

In most of the cases the Trojan comes as a Remote Administration Tools which turns the Victim’s computer into a server which can controlled remotely. Once the Remote Access Trojan is installed in the system, the attacker can connect to that computer and can control it.

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